Exciting Custom Cabinetry Trends for Luxury Homes in 2024

All white everything is on its way out. 

And as you envision your new Greenville luxury home, I think you will be glad to hear it, right?

It’s time to rethink the bedrock of your kitchen design: custom cabinetry from woodworking artisans.

After all, your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s a place for your family and friends to gather, cook, eat, drink and celebrate the joys of being together.

In 2024, cabinetry that features custom millwork is taking center stage. This year’s trends are all about making a bold statement while maintaining a sleek and sophisticated aesthetic. From unconventional color choices to exquisite hardware and frameless styles, custom cabinetry is a true art form that elevates your kitchen like never before.

Here are ways cabinetry is breaking free from the “all neutral” trends of the last several years:

Bold Pops of Color

2024 is the year of your kitchen design embracing vibrant hues that add depth, personality, and a touch of drama to luxury spaces. Whether it’s a deep emerald green island, rich navy blue shelves, or striking crimson built-ins, these bold pops of color create a focal point that instantly captivates. Expertly paired with neutral tones and textures, handcrafted, colored cabinetry offers a refreshing twist on “overly beige” designs.

Distinctive Hardware

The right hardware can make or break the overall look of custom cabinetry. In 2024, luxury homeowners like you are gravitating towards statement-making hardware that blends form and function seamlessly. From sleek, minimalist bar pulls to ornate, vintage-inspired knobs, the options are endless. Matte black, brushed gold, and mixed metallic finishes are particularly popular, adding a touch of sophistication and depth to cabinetry designs.

Sleek and Frameless Styles

European-inspired clean lines are hallmarks of modern luxury design, and cabinetry is no exception. Frameless cabinets are gaining momentum in 2024, offering a seamless aesthetic you’ll love. These sleek cabinets feature minimal embellishments, allowing the beauty of the materials and finishes to take center stage. 

Whether you’re renovating your dream kitchen or creating a spa-like retreat in your master bathroom, embracing these exciting custom cabinetry trends will elevate your Greenville luxury home to new heights of style and sophistication. And we at Village Millworks will help you bring all your custom cabinetry dreams to life.